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Soothing vanilla scents can result in longer dwell time for customers.
This almost gets back into the realm of food. Vanilla scents are thought of as soothing aromas in nearly every culture around the world. This can boost the dwelling time of consumers, but it can also minimise stress levels, which is useful nearly everywhere, but particularly in places like: Banks Casinos Dental offices Office foyers and more Candles that sport warm mixtures of vanilla with other flavors do well. They can remind people of being at home, where it's warm and comfortable. Even in starker environments. Vanilla blends also work out well in eating establishments. Since vanilla tends to work in conjunction with nearly any kind of food scent on the planet. It just makes anything coming from your kitchen all the better. If you really want to go for it, come up with the ultimate spender scent. That would be a combination of a food scent with vanilla. Even the stingiest of consumers will find that nearly irresistible. Imagine a customer smelling a space like vanilla and caramel. Perhaps a vanilla slice is on their mind for their next purchase. Know Your Scent Goals Be strategic with your scenting. It's tempting to scent with particular fragrances that pique your own interest or just seem wonderful to you. However, you have to keep things in mind from the point of view of your customers. Put some time and thought into thinking about who you and your business are as a brand. Consider the emotions that you'd like to evoke with scents, and then try out these three spender scents to fill the air of your business. What are your specific goals in scenting? Chat to the team at Scent Marketing Australia to find out how you can make scent marketing work for you!

You know the cliche about stopping to smell the roses. Hopefully you actually do it whenever you can, because roses smell great. Bathing in a space that's full of calming lavender is even better. The scent of lilies has been shown to drive people to smile and cry at the same time. According to the hypnosis experts at Mindset Mastery, scents can tap into our subconscious. They note, “florals have smells that are fresh and enticing. Most people mentally associate them with goodness and growth of spring after winter and therefore subconscious have an elevated mood. A heightened mood often leads to more spending.” When consumers smell fresh flowers in your establishment, you'll bring those feelings swelling up in them. Nike experimented with store scents and discovered an increase in customer purchase intent by 80%. They were also willing to spend 10-15% more for the same product. So, if you're a shoe store, jewelry business, bridal outfit, or anything dealing in high-end merchandise or services, lean towards floral scents.  

This is perhaps an obvious one. You can use scents to immediately make your customers feel right at home. According to the custom cake makers at Pearl’s Creations, just smelling food can trigger strong feelings and emotions. They explain, “it’s not always about comfort food at the end of a long day either. Many people associate food with the fellowship of friends and family. Or memories of the better times in their lives, such as celebrations where there’s often taste and smell of cake.” When people smell warm and comforting food, they tend to linger and enjoy it. You can use scents to immediately make your customers feel right at home. It can be as fundamental as black coffee or something more suave like an apple pie. Have you ever walked by a cafe and caught a whiff of their brew? That's not accidental. That's brilliant scent marketing. They don't just let the smell of ground coffee beans fill the air, they also make sure their stores are scented in ways that make the aromas all the more alluring. Ever notice how many grocery stores put their bakery near the front of the store? They want the scents of fresh baked goods filling the air when people walk in. A lot of eating establishments do something similar. They want their customers salivating, which causes customers to spend more of their time there and/or buy more.

3 Ways Property Developers Can Use Ambient Scenting to Boost Property Sales
Think of the scent that hits you when you step foot in your favourite store. That inviting aroma isn’t an accident. It’s a marketing tactic that more and more businesses are turning to.  It’s called Scent Marketing and it’s a deliberate sales technique that can help you drive more sales. Most marketers have developed a deep appreciation for the impact that lighting, music, and botanical elements have when trying to create the right mood to entice customers to stay longer, make more purchases or bond with the business. Scents can be sprayed on product packaging, placed near a certain product, or diffused through an air conditioner. Today, the corporate sector is leveraging scent in their efforts to enhance their customer experiences and establish stronger connections with their consumers. They have realised that scent is not only about creating a pleasant experience, but also bolstering the bottom line. But Why Scent? It is known that scents can elicit specific feelings or trigger memories. Why is this? The sense of smell is powerful, and it controls nearly 70% of our emotions. That is why companies have using scents to trigger or elicit thoughts and feelings in their customers.  Ad Age suggests that smells are mostly associated with thoughts and memories than auditory or visual cues. Our sense of smell is directly connected to the limbic system in our brains, where our memories and emotions are stored. With most of the decisions that a person makes governed by the mind and heart, then it is possible for the corporate sector to manipulate what their consumers feel or think about their products or services. As such, a purposefully picked scent that is deliberately placed can tug the hearts of all shoppers that walk into a store and see the cash register ringing endlessly.  If you are new to scent branding and marketing, here are seven ways that it can help your business reach the next level in its campaign to grow its customer base. 1. Increased sales That the helm is the top drive that every company has, growing sales. The right kind of smell in the business premises can help bolster its marketing strategy effortlessly. It will achieve this by changing or improving the perceptions that consumers have about the company brand and the quality of its products. As a result, the customers are bound to interact more with the brand.  For instance, a marketing research company in the UK did a study that showed retailers could increase their sales by nearly 19% if they use scents in their shops and stores. Conversely, different research proved that electronics and kitchen appliance retailers could increase their sales up to about 33% if they place sugar cookie or apple pie scents on their sales floors and stores. 2. Triggering Memories If you run a home furnishing store, then you want your customers to enjoy a homely feel with they walk through the doors. They should be able to imagine having what you are selling in their house. Take the scenting strategy that One-Way Furniture Stores employ – the use of homely smells that can range from baked cookies, BBQ, or apple pie. Such aromas trigger a homely memory that resonates within the shoppers and can influence them to make a purchase. The power of nostalgia is known by all marketing professionals, and can definitely be brought  into scent marketing. The emotion and memory experts at Act Now Hypnosis find that“smelling, or even thinking about, certain scents can evoke strong memories from our past. In addition, nostalgia is a powerful influencer of the way we see the world around us and the things we enjoy. If a brand can utilise scent to trigger nostalgic memories, then they will be able to elicit an emotional response in their customers that may be beneficial to their marketing objectives.” 3. Creating A Sensory Signature The use of scents for branding is yet another area worth considering. Some businesses have mastered the art of creating bespoke smells that are unique to their brand for purposes of enhancing brand loyalty. For instance, Abercrombie & Fitch used a ‘fierce’ odour in their stores to evoke a strong connection with male teenagers that come shopping at their outlets. On the other hand, Westin Hotels has it’s White Tea’ scent designed to create an international appeal that is energising and relaxing for the patrons. It is not uncommon to find gift boxes from different stores have a peculiar aroma that registers and lingers in the minds of customers to serve as a reminder of what they bought. As such, the development of signature scents is one of the tactics that marketers can use for brand promotion.   4. Improve Perception Creating an impressive first-time shopping experience for every new and loyal customer is key to bagging lots of sales. If you manage to get this right within the first 15 seconds, then things will be in your favour.  Scent marketing can be used to influence how consumers feel about your brand and their overall shopping experience. The smell you sue can set the tone for longer, beneficial customer experience. But the wrong scent can also have the opposite effect, sending them for the exit. Scent’s influence on customers perception of a brand is reinforced by life coach, Renee McDonald who tells us, “When we interact with the physical world around us, we make judgements based on what we can see, feel, hear, taste and smell. Our brains work quickly to analyse these senses to determine how a new environment makes us feel. Once judgement has been made, it is often difficult to reverse. Make sure your business utilises scent to alter how consumers feel about your brand within the first few seconds of contact, as it may be difficult to change their perception after this.” 5. Masking Foul Odours As mentioned earlier, the use of scents can mask unpleasant smells. For instance, scenting is common in bars and casinos where patrons smoke. It also can be found in hospitals and medical centres what have unsettling smells that tick off patients. If your business premise produces an offending smell, then you can use scenting to mask that bad odour and give the place a pleasant aroma that encourages customer interactions.   6. Interior Improvement and Enlarging Space If you are working with a limited budget and your store needs an upgrade, then leveraging the right kind of odour can prove helpful. It is an update with will not be visual yet bearing a significant impact that may be at the same level as the new lights, fixtures and displays. It is possible for a particular smell to create the illusion of more or less space. For instance, green apple aroma or that of Aloe Vera, citrus, cucumber or any other light scent can make a room feel larger. On the other hand, a spicy aroma, sweet, or woodsy smell will have the opposite effect. So, if you are looking for an inexpensive way of adding to the square footage of your workplace or store, then scenting offers an ingenious solution. 7. Affecting Emotions Make every customer that walks through your doors feel happy, welcomed, and relaxed, and they will be more likely to do business. The use of scent marketing can be for such an objective.  Scents can have extreme effects on our emotions and mood, and thus can be used to influence our customers. This is reinforced by the scent experts at My Balance Aromatherapy, who find “after aromatherapy, customers’ moods and behaviour can be completely changed, depending on the service they opted for. They may feel less stressed and relaxed or energised and full of vitality. This translates to the scents you use during a customer’s touchpoints with your business. Depending on how you want your customers to feel when interacting with your brand, scents can have significant influence.”   The Takeaway The use of scenting marketing was linked to nearly $200 million in sales back in 2013. Experts project that it can help with the business growth of almost 10% annually. Sadly though, few companies are taking advantage of this scent marketing. If you are looking to strengthen your brand, encourage customer loyalty, and increase sales to improve your profits, you now know what to do.

3 Ways Property Developers Can Use Ambient Scenting to Boost Property Sales
Picture this. It’s a chilly Saturday morning and house hunters are beginning to visit your display home. Instead of the neutral “new house” smell or a stale generic air freshener smell used by so many other developers, your prospective clients are greeted with the rich and luxurious fragrance of sandalwood and vanilla with a hint of amber.

Here's How Scent Branding Can Improve Your Relationship With Customers
Did you know that every single Hilton Hotel lobby smells the same all over the world? Whether you’re visiting a hotel in Prague or Manhattan, you’ll be greeted with Hilton’s signature scent of delicate and calming jasmine. What’s more, if you had a good experience at a Hilton Hotel when you last visited, upon smelling their signature scent, your brain will automatically shift you into a better mood based on your previous positive memories!

We scented Country Road
Over half of consumers say they love their favourite store due to its ambience and that they place multi-sensory cues such as design, fragrance, lighting and music above good service from friendly staff. Similarly, in a hotel, 77% of consumers said a pleasant smell had a positive impact on them, while 43% said they would regret or reconsider checking in if they noticed an overpowering smell.

Increase your customer loyalty
Customer loyalty is one of the most important metric in business today. Repeated business will ensue from loyalty as well as one of the most powerful tool to gain new customers: word of mouth. A 5% increase in customer retention can impact profits by 25-95%. So rather than focusing all your marketing efforts on obtaining new customers, you should allocate some resources to actually keeping your customers with you and encourage recurrent purchase. Here are 3 easy ways to do so.

How Scent Can Assist With Customer Retention
Customer Retention: How Scent Can Assist With Customer Retention Scent marketing is a great way to increase sales and retain customers, creating long term loyalty. 1. Create emotional connection Scent is the most emotional of all senses. Scenting your business allows you to connect with your clients on an emotional level, creating an atmosphere that they enjoy and wish to return to, increasing customer retention. 2. Create positive experiences With increasing competition, successful businesses are now focusing on delivering experiences rather than just products. If a customer buys a product in a beautiful smelling environment and they are happy with the product they purchased, they will have a favourable perception of your brand and will feel positive emotions towards it. 3. Take your customers where they want to be Scent marketing works as smells trigger memories directly connected to the limbic centre of the brain where emotions are formed. When a customer is greeted with the delicious smell of coffee in a lobby or the smell of coconut in a retail store that reminds them of a vacation. they linger, in turn spending more. For a solution to improve your client retention, please contact us today!


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