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Use Food Aromas for Scent Marketing

Use Food Aromas for Scent Marketing

Smelling food can generate strong emotions increasing spend & time in store

This is perhaps an obvious one.

You can use scents to immediately make your customers feel right at home.

According to the custom cake makers at Pearl’s Creations, just smelling food can trigger strong feelings and emotions. They explain, “it’s not always about comfort food at the end of a long day either. Many people associate food with the fellowship of friends and family. Or memories of the better times in their lives, such as celebrations where there’s often taste and smell of cake.”

When people smell warm and comforting food, they tend to linger and enjoy it.

You can use scents to immediately make your customers feel right at home.

It can be as fundamental as black coffee or something more suave like an apple pie.

Have you ever walked by a cafe and caught a whiff of their brew?

That's not accidental. That's brilliant scent marketing.

They don't just let the smell of ground coffee beans fill the air, they also make sure their stores are scented in ways that make the aromas all the more alluring.

Ever notice how many grocery stores put their bakery near the front of the store?

They want the scents of fresh baked goods filling the air when people walk in. A lot of eating establishments do something similar. They want their customers salivating, which causes customers to spend more of their time there and/or buy more.

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